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60,040 Bits30,020 satoshi1NTUN1GQYooz8kqzLGjTtaEqftqEpCr3TG23 Jan 2021 - 22:26
84 Bits42 satoshi1BnfjrqofL1yWkXZ7RrWhWwqryCHRdsYdS03 Jan 2021 - 18:00
22,780 Bits11,390 satoshi1BnfjrqofL1yWkXZ7RrWhWwqryCHRdsYdS03 Jan 2021 - 11:26
24,172 Bits12,086 satoshi3EHvvvsiBhnF9TcX79ghTPEWJTXprfH8xo03 Jan 2021 - 00:58
26,633 Bits13,316 satoshi1PijbQkmi9eW9J8za3hAVhYnPgrSzxtRCi03 Jan 2021 - 00:17
24,180 Bits12,090 satoshi3CvyNNCysW8zw3JDYGog4moP4zZoN5kZ2d03 Jan 2021 - 00:10
20,003 Bits10,001 satoshi3HHVCSYVfgw9BHLomRc3M19FRq76SkusRF01 Jan 2021 - 21:13
23,780 Bits11,890 satoshi1LzyjftUb9QDtfi99xTpY67yRNXbDSpN4w01 Jan 2021 - 19:54
20,376 Bits10,188 satoshi1NTUN1GQYooz8kqzLGjTtaEqftqEpCr3TG29 Dec 2020 - 23:34
23,775 Bits11,887 satoshi1CfuM3EkFw213oVr2YYsuKmk1PErK16ZLY28 Dec 2020 - 15:37

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